Recent OCHC Events: 2004 - 2005
All programs free to the Public

Discovering Oregon Originals

Friday     @ Noon: Oregon Historical Society – 1200 SW Park – Portland  

Saturday @ 2 pm: Multnomah County Central Library – 801 SW 10th – Portland  

September – Friday 10th, 2004noon @ OHS & Saturday 11th 2 pm @ Central

WPA Links Two Independent Artists – Aimee Gorham & Ed Quigley

Depression hardship brought together many talented artists whose lives might otherwise have minimally intersected. Painter Quigley and marquetry artist Gorham have strong work at Irvington Elementary School and pieces across the city. Each evolved dramatically in their mature careers, exploring new mediums and refining their visual and conceptual concerns.

Presenters: Barry Ball & Phoebe Oelheim

October – Friday 15th, 2004 noon @ OHS & Sat. 16th 2 pm @ Central

The Great Experiment: Prohibition and Suffrage in the Pacific Northwest

  Across the U.S., the challenge of getting women their most-deserved right to vote was clouded by earnest efforts to rid the nation of demon alcohol and its profound social impact. This talk explores how this conflict played out in the West, where suffrage was ushered into being before its far-better-known East Coast advocates were successful in their region. 

Presenters: David Milholland

November – Friday 12th, 2004 noon @ OHS & Saturday 13th 2 pm @ Central Library

Kinship Mightier than the Sword – Anthony Euwer & Virginia Euwer Wolff

     Anthoy Euwer wrote and illustrated evocative books of poetry reflecting his Hood River residence and his deep affection for the natural world. His niece Virginia uses many of the same settings in her award-winning juvenile novels. How did such talent leap across the generations? How can reading one inform an appreciation of the other?

Presenters: Virginia Euwer Wolff & David Hedges

December –Friday 10th, 2004 noon @ OHS & Saturday 11th 2 pm @ Central    Library

          Oregon’s First Historian – Frances Fuller Victor

December 2004 is the 140th anniversary of the arrival of the first great historian of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest to Portland. From her River of the West portrayal of Joe Meek, to her exciting short story portraits of women forging lives in the frontier West, to her troubled relationship with employer Herbert Bancroft, who took undue credit for years of her work, we’ll explore the challenges and triumphs of Ms. Victor.

Presenter: Jim Martin

Winter & Spring 2005 – Discovering Oregon Originals – Free
Friday @ Noon: Oregon Historical Society – 1200 SW Park – Portland
Saturday @ 2 pm: Multnomah County Central Library – 801 SW 10th – Portland

Some presenters for 2005 still being confirmed

January – Friday 14th noon @ OHS & Saturday 15th 2 pm @ Central
University of Oregon Writing Professor Extraordinaire W.F.B. Thacher
While never successful in his own write, this U. of O. Journalism professor helped launch several significant careers, including Ernest Haycox, Opal Whiteley, Dr. Alan “Lucille” Hart, Robert Ormond Case, his sister Victoria Case, and Nancy Wilson Ross. Derided as a “sloganeer” in Status Rerum by H. L. Davis and James Stevens, Thacher proved to be a major force in shaping the regional voice.
Presenter: Steve McQuiddy

February – Friday 11th noon @ OHS & Saturday 12th 2 pm @ Central
Jim Pepper and his Jazz Messages

Born in Portland, and a resident of Vanport as a small child, Jim Pepper sustained a brief but powerful music career that reverberates today from his birth city to Vienna, his domicile in Europe. Based on a peyote chant, his “Witchi-Tai-To” has become an anthem across the planet. Pepper is suddenly “hot.”
Programs linked to co-sponsored events by the Portland Jazz Festival and NW Film Center.
Presenters: Jack Berry, Gordon Lee, Sandra Osawa & special guest Floy Pepper

March – Friday 11th noon @ OHS & Saturday 12th 2 pm @ Central
The Lambert Street Lifestyle – Snyder, Berry, Welch, Whalen et al and the Reed Connection

In the standard mythology, either San Francisco’s North Beach or NYC’s Greenwich Village is credited with spawning the beat generation, that defining post-WWII literary and cultural movement. Yet vital roots lie right here in Puddletown, at the 1414 SE Lambert house these major writers and their Reed colleagues made a Bohemia. Wha’ happened?
Presenter: Alice Moss

April – Friday 15th noon @ OHS & Saturday 16th 2 pm @ Central
Paiute Chief and Prophet Sarah Winnemucca

As controversial as flamboyant Oregon authors Joaquin Miller, Opal Whiteley, and John Reed, Sarah Winnemucca’s literary career and personal vision was bolstered by key figures of the New England enlightenment. As tribal leader in devastating times for Native Americans, her life swept across Oregon, several western states, and the Eastern seaboard. She married the wrong men and “cultivated” long-standing opponents, all while working incessantly to create a sense of hope for those who followed her.
Presenters: Sally Zanjani, Linda Hathaway Bunza & Sarah’s Great-Great-Grand Niece Louise Tannheimer

May – Friday 13th noon @ OHS & Saturday 14th 2 pm @ Central
Madras Mafia –Central Oregon Roots, Branches Across the Creative Spectrum

Four of Oregon’s most acclaimed talents were friends on and off the Warm Springs Reservation and attended high school in nearby Madras. This program looks at the influence of place and childhood on adult artists and the very distinctive paths each has followed.
Presenters: Lillian Pitt, Craig Lesley, Doug Macy & Elizabeth Woody