An Incomplete List of
19-20th Century Poets of Oregon

Poet Representative Work Published

Joaquin MillerSpecimens 1868

Samuel L. SimpsonThe Beautiful Willamette1868

Joaquin MillerSpecimens1868

Minnie Myrtle Miller (Theresa Dyer)Have Mercy1871

Ella HigginsonA Bunch of Western Clover 1874

Frances Fuller VictorThe New Penelope…1877

Abigail Scott DuniwayDavid and Anna Matson1881

Edwin MarkhamThe Man with the Hoe…1899

Bert HuffmanSongs of the Oregon Pine1907

Charles Erskine Scott WoodThe Poet in the Desert1915

John ReedAmerica 1918

Mary Carolyn DaviesYouth Riding1919 Hazel HallCurtains1921

Mabel Holmes ParsonsPastels and Silhouettes1921

Anthony EuwerBy Scarlet Torch & Blade1923

Ethel Romig FullerWhite Peaks and Green1927

Queen B. ListerYouth1929

Howard McKinley CorningThe Mountain in the Sky1930

Ada Hastings HedgesDesert Poems 1930

Ernest G. MollCampus Sonnets1934

Laurence PrattA Saga of a Paper Mill1935

Mary BarnardCool Country1940

Woody GuthrieHit That Oregon Line1940s

H.L. (Harold Lenoir) DavisProud Riders & Other Poems1942

Glen CoffieldThe Illiterati1945

Ben Hur LampmanThe Wild Swan 1947

William Everson (Brother Antoninus)The Residual Years1948

Eleanor MatthewsEver the Sunrise1954

Vi GaleSeveral Houses1959

Willis EbermanThe Pioneers1959

William StaffordTraveling Through the Dark1962

Vern RutsalaThe Window1964

Kenneth O. HansonThe Distance Anywhere1967

Gary SnyderThe Back Country1967

Henry CarlileThe Rough Hewn Table1971

Lawson Fusao InadaBefore the War1971

Sandra McPhersonRadiation1973

Ursula K. LeGuinWild Angels1975

George VennSunday Afternoon: Grand Ronde1976

Christopher HowellThe Crime of Luck1977

Walt CurtisPeckerneck Country1978

Lisa SteinmanLost Poems1976

Ingrid Wendt Moving the House1980

Sharon DoubiagoHard Country1982

Kim StaffordThe Granary1982

Harold JohnsonDry Boats1984

Judith BarringtonTrying to be an Honest Woman1985

Ed EdmoThese Few Words of Mine1985

Floyd SklootKaleidoscope1986

Elizabeth WoodyHand Into Stone1988

Primus St JohnDreamer1990

Raymond CarverNew Path to the Waterfall1990

Tim BarnesMother and the Mangos1991

Jane GlazerA Trick of Light1993

David AxelrodThe Jerusalem of Grass1993

Andrés BergerVoices from the Earth / Voces de la Tierra (bilingual)1994

Clemens StarckJourneyman's Wages1994

Carlos ReyesA Suitcase Full of Crows1995

Dan RafaelMolecular Jam1996 Leanne GrabelFlirtations1996

Barbara LaMorticellaRain on Waterless Mountain1996

Sandra StoneCocktails with Breugel at the Museum Cafe1998

Sam OaklandManhattan Woman1999

This is far from exhaustive, especially regarding more recent authors. There are dozens, nay hundreds of self-proclaimed bards. No list could be definitive. The publication dates here should be treated as a range or approximation. Many writers’ careers span 40, 50 or more years.

For more names (dozens) throughout Oregon’s ages, and many poems from cultural (non-written) sources, look at Here We Speak: An Anthology of Oregon Poetry, OSU Press, 1993.