Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission

Profiles of Oregon Originals  (N - Z)

     OCHC has presented dozens of programs on significant creative figures from Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. These profiles are typically products of those sessions, and valuable bibliographies and related information are offered as jumping off points for your own inquiries.

     What's here is but an opening wedge. We will continue to expand the number and depth of our OCHC profiles as new material becomes available.

     We're eager to hear your suggestions for this material, along with proposals for profiles you might provide or programs you are interested in presenting through OCHC. Let us know when you spot mistakes or can provide valuable information.

Jim Pepper
Alfred J. Powers
  • Edward Burns Quigley
  • Lloyd Reynolds
  • John Reed
  • Mark Rothko
  • Julia Godman Ruuttila
  • Sam Simpson
  • James Stevens
  • James G. Swan
  • Frances Fuller Victor
  • Joel Weinstein
  • Herbert Weiskopf
  • Opal Whiteley
    Myra Albert Wiggins
    Sarah Winnemucca
    Theodore Winthrop
    C.E.S. Wood
    John Yeon