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Yours for Liberty” Selections from
Abigail Scott Duniway’s Suffrage Newspaper,
Edited by Jean Ward and Elaine Maveety,   
Oregon State University Press, 
soft cover

Her wit and love of adventure balance and humanize the more usual picture of Duniway as a formidable paragon—the indefatigable champion of women’s rights.”

Ward & Maveety in their introduction

Honey in the Horn,
H.L. Davis – 1936 Pulitizer Prize winning novel
Introduction by Merrill Lewis,
University of Idaho Press, soft cover


The noble old quality of gusto, which dribbled out of the American novel when its practitioners began to remember their duty to humanity, here returns at high voltage.”

H.L. Mencken on Honey in the Horn

A Literary Oregon 100 Book

Feelin’ Fine,
Anne Shannon Monroe & Big Bill Hanley,
University of Oregon Press
, soft cover

This biography of Big Bill Hanley, a rancher in Harney County and a dear friend of C.E.S. Wood, is a great read and lucid portrayal of cattle country in SE Oregon.

The Footpaths of Justice William O. Douglas
A Legacy of Place,
Tom R. Hulst, signed by author, soft cover

Purchase benefits the creation of the film-in-the-works Liberty and Wilderness produced by OCHC.

$75  of purchase is a tax-deductible donation.

A lively account of walking in U.S. Supreme Court Justice and native son Douglas’ trails and climbs across Washington State and in locales far beyond. As an introduction to his life and writing, it’s an inspiration to us all.

Nature’s Justice, Writings of William O. Douglas,
James M. O’Fallon, signed by author, hard cover

This is an excellent selection of nature-focused writings from the widely-traveled outdoorsman, who wrote brilliantly for the public as he did for the legal record throughout his years on the national bench.

Life Amongst The Modocs,
Joaquin Miller,
Urion Press, soft cover

“Separating fact from fiction in Life Amongst the Modocs is no easy task … Miller had indeed lived in the mining camps and among the Indians of northern California. He had married an Indian woman who taught him the Wintu language … Miller cannot seem to resist swaggering through the pages of the book, dressed in outlandish attitudes, any more than he could resist swaggering through the streets of London wearing colorful outfits.”

Malcolm Margolin in his introduction

Joaquin Miller,
O.W. Frost, Twayne U.S. Authors Series, hard cover
$15 OCHC special

A dependable introduction to the life and writing of the Poet of the Sierras or as he called himself in Oregon the Poet of the Cascades.

Wood Works: The Life and Writings of
Charles Erskine Scott Wood
Oregon State University Press,
hard cover
editors Edwin Bingham and Tim Barnes,
signed by the authors,

Featuring a brief and useful introduction on CES Wood, this handsome volume offers a valuable selection of his writing over 5 decades of creative life.

Two Rooms: The Life of Charles Erskine Scott Wood,
Robert Hamburger, signed by author,
University of Nebraska Press,
$60 hard cover (no jacket created)

 $40 soft cover as pictured

The only biography of this Northwest renaissance man, whose life spanned exciting years with the U.S Army, as an attorney, a author, artist, civil libertarian, and godfather of Portland and Oregon culture, spending his last decades creatively in the Bay Area.